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In a world where the importance of mindset is undeniable, mental skills training has never been more relevant. We all recognise the pivotal role of mentality in achieving success, especially when the pressure is on, and various priorities compete for our attention.

However, addressing this effectively can be a challenging task. Many existing methods are overly complex and disconnected, often failing to deliver on their good intentions.

This is where Red2Blue stands out. Our approach offers a simple yet powerful concept and a practical toolkit that seamlessly integrates into your coaching culture. It’s accessible to everyone and applicable in diverse settings, from the classroom to the sports field, the workplace, and even the home.

Courses designed with you in mind

Our training is developed to enable you to learn our Red2Blue methodology in the most effective way possible. 

Some of our courses are self-paced and our more advanced courses are blended, with virtual learning taught by our Master Red2Blue coaches. 

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We are here to create new possibilities in Mindset and Performance.

Gazing’s approach centres on the human ability to perform under pressure using practical concepts that you can apply immediately to zoom in and zoom out. Our one page map and tools enable clarity of thought, skill execution and consistent behaviours in any situation. You’ll discover how to master the deliberate shift from the overview to the detail, so that, you’re ready to make informed decisions and act effectively under pressure.
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It starts with Mindset | It starts with Mindset | It starts with Mindset 

What do elite athletes, successful entrepreneurs and high powered CEOs all have in common? They know how to adapt their mindset to harness pressure, allowing them to perform at their highest level. They embrace the discomfort.

At Gazing, we believe that everyone should be equipped with the skills and knowledge to become the best version of themselves. Our trademarked maps and tools, based on the Red2Blue technique, provide simple, effective and practical support to empower you to excel, even when the pressure is on. 

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Gazing Red2Blue helps you to enhance your mindset so that you can be the best, most authentic version of yourself


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Tailor your learning experience to match your pace and preferences. Enjoy the flexibility to revisit materials, access resources, and learn at times that suit your schedule.


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Connect with a vibrant community of learners and fellow Red2Blue coaches. Join discussions, share insights, and build a network that enhances your learning journey and coaching practice.


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