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Our name is derived from the Gazing Principle®, practised and developed by the Japanese swordsman and philosopher Musashi.

Meet our Red2Blue instructors

Our role is to equip people to develop their capabilities, manage their way through high pressure situations and deliver results.

Gazing’s principles are designed to be accessible and practical, so whether it’s a major business overhaul, coaching your team to win the big matches, or just managing your day-to-day life, we’ll help you to harness your ability to perform under pressure.

Meet our Master Coachs below.

Alejandro Arguelles Bullon

Director of Coach and Partner Development at Gazing 

I'm Alejandro, and I have the privilege of serving as the Director of Coach and Partner Development at Gazing Red2Blue. My journey has been powered by a passion for coaching, and I've been lucky enough to develop skills that help me guide others through their professional, personal and academic journeys with integrity.

At the core of my work, I focus on individual and group coaching sessions that are all about building mental toughness, boosting performance, and navigating the critical elements of performance from a coaching and practical perspective.

I'm currently working towards a PhD in Mental Health at Lancaster University, holding a Global Individual Accreditation at the Practitioner Level from the EMCC.

Martin Fairn

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder and CEO of Gazing Performance Systems, Martin has combined his knowledge gained from corporate roles and his sporting background to develop Gazing’s unique approach of equipping individuals and teams to perform well under pressure.Skilled in training and coaching, Martin’s role centres around facilitating senior team development programmes to enable leaders in all fields to deliver consistently improving performance in high pressure environments.

Martin has successfully worked across many sectors including business, elite sport, education and the emergency services.Alongside his professional roles, Martin has enjoyed a successful rugby union career playing for Coventry.

Bede Brosnahan

Director of Operations 

Bede is responsible for all of Gazing Performance operations', overseeing the systems that support the entire client engagement and delivery process.

Before joining Gazing, Bede enjoyed an accomplished career in both New Zealand and London. He is an experienced coach and mentor, both in business and sport.  He is works with several international sports competitors to ensure they have the highest level of mental preparation. 

Bede has over 40 years' experience as a martial artist, having competed internationally, and is the branch chief of Seido Karate in London.