Red2Blue Certified Coach (CC2405)

As a certified Red2Blue coach, you will be equipped with the skills to teach others what Red2Blue is, how to use it to perform under pressure and how to integrate it into daily practice.

Following the group sessions, participants will be assessed via a personalised one to one scrutiny session with a Gazing Red2Blue Master coach.

Upon successful completion, participants will receive an official Gazing Red2Blue coach certificate, maps and tools to start practicing and/or coaching mental skills and continued access to the online platform.

Live Webinars

Starting date

10th September 2024

Alignment Session

10th September @ 08:30-09:00

Course Code


Live Workshops

17th September: 08:30-10:00
24th September: 08:30-10:00
26th September: 08:30-10:00

Our role is to equip people to develop their capabilities, manage their way through high pressure situations and deliver results.

Satisfied students
Coaching Community

International Training

Blended Learning

Flexible hours

Our online learning platform gives you the flexibility to complete the learning at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Training materials

Our training materials have been specifically designed to be engaging and informative. Our courses are easy to follow, and are broken down into digestible chapters, which contain a mix of text, images, and videos.

Quality content

Our blended learning approach means you have access to our Master Red2Blue coaches at the live webinars, as well as support throughout the course.

Coaching Community

Our online coaching community allows you to connect with fellow Red2Blue coaches and access further resource material, as well as beng able to share with coaches across the globe.

Course Lessons

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At Gazing, we are focused on supporting Red2Blue Certified Coaches to be the best they can be and to be ambassadors for the approach. People who demonstrate what the Red2Blue concept is by their actions We wish you all the best on your journey and are proud to be a part of it.

What our students say about us

Expectations were exceeded due to the ease of delivery and in depth descriptions/explanations/examples used to convey the key components of Red2Blue. The facilitators were highly knowledgeable and demonstrated clearly their passion for this program and teaching this technique.  
- Shahana Hasan
My expectations have been superseded, before starting the program i had now idea what Red2Blue was and I now feel that i understand it can can deliver Red2Blue training to Army recruits.
- Ryan Hackett
Fun, inspiring and the blended learning approach really worked. However, I do think the instructors made this course and certification really work, with their knowledgeable but relaxed approach, a wealth of resources and encouragement. 
- Kirsten Brown